How it works

How our proven 3-step “accelerator” method will generate your practice $30k in 90 days or less.

Imagine not having to whisk a patient away in 20 minutes or less.. What would the quality of care you provide look like if you got an hour or more per patient? World-class quality – that’s the core of how we enable you to increase your rates and retention at the same time.

Our Process

It all started with a world-class physical therapist named, Ben.

On January 6th, 2019, Ben decided to start his own cash-based physical therapy practice.

Ben was good, really good. With his knowledge and expertise, he grew his practice to 250 patients in just 2 years!

That’s 250 people who were in pretty severe pain. Now, they are happily healed and continue to heal through his care.

Ben was absolutely killing it.. BUT – this was a double-edged sword situation.. The work was also killing him.

He was without a doubt drained. Stressed out to the brim while being both physically and mentally exhausted. The idea of work/life balance was a complete joke.

Although he brute-forced his way to over $42,000 a month while healing hundreds – there was no time to spend with family & friends.


80 hour weeks will do that to just about anybody.

It’s simply just not sustainable. And more importantly? It can be dangerously unhealthy.

This is when we came into the picture.

In 2021 we met “boulder-carrying levels of stressed out” Ben.

He was doing everything, everywhere, every minute of every day.

5-6 Figures/month
0 +
New Patient Visits
0 K+
Patient Retention
0 %
In Revenue
$ 0 M+

Here’s a brief, but not complete list of things he’d be doing (and things you might be trying to juggle, too) every minute of every day.

✅ Providing world-class care to patients.
✅ Running the admin sides of the business.
✅ Networking.
✅ Hosting workshops and giving back to the community.
✅ Posting on socials.
✅ Guessing at which marketing channel had the best ROI.

…. And so much more

We saw the world-class level of expertise Ben had combined with a burning passion to truly help people heal.

It was uncanny.

The only thing Ben (and most likely you) was missing were some high-quality systems that allow for scalability.

Systems that allow for a breath of fresh air from time-to-time.

Frameworks & systems that were battle-tested and proven to solve the problems that needed solving in his (and most likely your) business.

Problems he (and you may be) was having were things like:

✅ How do I keep this freakin’ train running?
✅ How in the world can I scale this business when every waking hour of my time is spent in the business?
✅ How can I get some more time back to spend with friends & family?

And that’s exactly what we built out together.

After working together we scaled his rock-solid 250 client base practice to a whopping 750+…

An insanely profitable 300% increase!

Ben’s practice skyrocketed from $42,000/mo – all the way up to $125,000.

… Every. Single. Month.

Tripling Ben’s practice with the systems we carefully developed didn’t

❌ Only increase revenue
❌ Marginally increase profit
❌ Increase his daily workload (adding one more pebble onto his already boulder-sized workload would’ve crushed the poor guy 😅)

The systems we developed tripled his clientele while tripling his profit.

Keep in mind – these systems took several years of trial & error coupled with dozens of insanely talented individuals’ efforts.

Which is why we’ve prioritized true scalability for your cash-based practice.

After developing these wildly effective systems and procedures with Ben, we had to partner up with other physical therapists to share the secrets that allow them to help more people while getting some time back into their own personal lives.

After several successful iterations, we dubbed our systems and methodologies the Cash Practice Acceleration Method!

If you’ve ever struggled to fill your calendar with pre-qualified patients who eagerly seek top-tier care, you’re in the right place.

Our Cash Practice Acceleration Method was designed for physical therapists just like you.

Tripled his patients
0 +
Per Month
$ 0

Process Model

Step #1 - Model:

Our goal for you in step 1 is to begin prioritizing a higher quality of care over a higher quantity of care. 

Help patients at the absolute highest level possible.

It’s great to be able to help a ton of different people. Afterall – you’re medical professionals. It’s in your blood to heal and provide physical therapy to as many as possible.

But, we’ve found that for the business operational side, focusing on a world-class level of care yields extraordinary results in extraordinary time-frames.

This level of care draws in only the most serious patents. In turn – larger profit margins for your cash-based practice.

Step #1 - Model:

Step #2 - Growth:

Our multi-channel marketing approach solidifies your practice as the certified go-to.You’ll be able to predictably source patients of the highest-calibur through our unique vetting process.

We’ll start by integrating paid ads on Meta, Google, and Instagram. Utilizing these platforms allows for a massive boost to the number of soon-to-be-healed patients walking through your door.

On average, for every $1 invested with our paid ads strategy for cash-based physical therapists tends to generate $5 in return.

That’s a 500% ROI…

Another important step within the growth phase involves really beginning to establish your practice’s online presence. We do so with a luxury-style website that’s highly optimized for SEO (search engine optimization).

Step #2 - Growth:

Step #3: Conversions

We’ve developed the conversion portion of our Cash Practice Acceleration Method with a focus on reciprocity. We’ve found that if you educate and give back – you will receive.

To do so – we lean on our “Emotional Selling Framework” to build a genuine connection with each potential patient that comes through your pipeline.

In a nutshell, it positions your practice as a beacon of knowledge and value. Ensuring anyone who’s even remotely serious about quality care that the cost of NOT working with you far exceeds the cost of working with you.

All-in-all, we’ve now helped out clients enroll over 2,442 patients of their own.

Doubling, and tripling several physical therapist’s cash practices entire business using this exact same method.

Step #3: Conversions

We’re so confident
we’ve made you a guarantee.

Our experts have worked diligently and developed a world-class system we believe in wholeheartedly. Which is why if you don’t make an extra $30,000 using our Accelerated Cash Practice Method in the next 90 days or less – we’ll continue working with you (1-on-1) 100% for free until you do.

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