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Our “accelerator” method generates your cash practice an extra 30k in 90 days or less – or you don’t pay a dime.

Our Clients Results Speak For Themselves:

The stats below only include what clients generated during the 90 day accelerator, and do not include the hundreds of thousands generated on their own afterward!

$ 0 M+
In Revenue
0 K+
New Patient Visits
0 K+
Premium Cash Packages
0 +
5-6 Figures/month

Discover the “done-with-you” cash physical
therapy blueprint that’s raking in additional
$10k + per month in 90 days or less.

Battle-tested by hundreds of cash physical therapists – our systematic approach to scaling your cash practice gives you a more consistent business model that you can rely on.

How we helped Dr. Luke Greenwell scale his cash practice to 30k per month in less than 6 months.

“Create a lifestyle around your business and not only work in your business”

“This team at Clinical Marketer is who you need to be working with” – Dr. Luke Greenwell

Test-drive our systems for free.

If you qualify to partner with us – you can test-drive the systems we’ve built out for your practice, 100% free. We’re confident in your success so there’s no harm in letting you “try it before you buy it.” That’s right! After a simple 15 minute discovery call, if we’re a good fit to work together – we’ll let you test pilot the systems we’ve built out specifically for your practice. For free

Unlock the results & peace
of mind you deserve.

You’ll get a personalized approach to growing your business that is unmatched. When working with us 1-on-1, you’ll clearly see that we’re 100 percent serious about getting your business to 10k+ a month.

It’s not magic - it’s math.

You’ll unlock a specific solution that caters directly to your practice. We’ll use our battle-tested “Accelerated Cash Practice Method” approach to give you data-driven insights on what’s working best in today’s current market.

We take into consideration what systems you currently have in place, and analyze some areas that need tightening to increase your ROI. All while giving you back some work-life balance.

Our unheard of, hands-on support enables you to see and understand exactly what’s going on every step of the way.

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Here’s what you can expect:

What you
will get:

What you
won't get:

Step-by-step guidance.

Our hands-on, done-for-you approach is unlike any other. Working together will be a breeze when communication is rock-solid.

Proven systems.

You’ll get time-tested systems that have helped hundreds of cash practices scale to 10k+ a month.

An ownership program where you take control of the systems we’ve built together.

After the 90 collaboration and implementation of our “Accelerator Method'' - you OWN everything. Our hands-on approach peels back the curtain so you’ll have complete mastery and understanding of your businesses new systems. Take the reins of the assets and systems we’ve built out together!

Results from one-on-one collaboration.

Working together with our experts will guarantee you're not in the dark at any stage of your business's growth.

An accountability team.

Feel confident knowing you’re getting world-class support. Our team will be frequently reaching out to ensure all questions are answered along with every expectation being met.

Expert ads team.

A team of experts who specialize in cash-based physical therapy practice online marketing.

Professional sales team.

Veteran sales coaches to help you master and perfect your sales process.

High-level strategy team.

Strategists will fine-tune your ads and systems with frequent audits. Ensuring you that not only is everything working well, but further optimization through constantly testing different tactics. They’ll look at the data and crank up what’s working and tone down what’s not working as well. Hyper-efficiently giving you the best return on your investment.

What you won't get:

A magic bullet or false promise.

These systems are proven but it’s going to take some effort to get the ball rolling.

A pre-recorded course.

We’re not going to “guru” you (apologies if that’s happened to you in the past).

An ads agency that charges you insane monthly fees.

Sometimes, paying a “great” agency and just hoping for a ton of pre-qualified clients to storm in the door is what people think is best. It’s not.

Being lost and overwhelmed.

Doing this wrong takes time and money. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and made it simple to understand while being quick to implement.

Overcrowded zoom calls where you’re lucky to even get a single word in.

Been there done that - nope.

Rest easy knowing you’ve secured a “$30k in 90-day guarantee”

The system we’ve built out for you is so established and proven to work that we’ve given you a “30k in 90-day” guarantee. It reads something like this, “ if you don’t make an extra $30,000 using our Accelerated Cash Practice Method in the next 90 days or less – we’ll continue working with you one-on-one, 100% for free, until you do.

Doesn’t sound too bad?

Join our Facebook group for free. You’ll be able to talk with hundreds of other cash-based physical therapists. Our group is updated weekly with brand new training on marketing & sales. No fluff – just actionable tactics you can implement into your business, TODAY. Pop in and chat with some like-minded folks who’ve been exactly in your shoes.

Join the Clinical Marketer Facebook Group Today!

Our Clients Get Results:

Dr. Paul Kochoa

Practice Owner
Dr. Paul's revenue increased significantly, reaching $12,000 in that month.
$ 0
Revenue Monthly
0 +
patients in month

Dr. Frank Allen

Practice Owner
By January, he achieved over 22K in monthly revenue.
$ 0
Monthly Revenue
0 %
Percentage Growth

Acquiring 1 to 2 new high quality patients per day doesn’t have to be difficult.

When the right strategies are in place, your day-to-day is actually more hands off than initially imagined. Scaling your cash practice to 10k+ a month with our proven blueprint can happen swiftly with our dedicated hands-on approach to growth.

“Create a lifestyle around your business and not only work in your business”

*After clicking the button above, you’ll be directed to a team member’s calendar. From there, you’ll book a time that works best for your schedule to hop on a quick 15-20 minute discovery call.  Marketers and see how we can help.

It’s a free, no-commitment call where we’ll get to meet one of the founders of Clinical Marketers and see how we can help.

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Scale your business with tactics - not brute force.

Never again worry about struggling to fill your calendar with pre-qualified patients. Using our high-filter vetting process you’ll ONLY work with committed patients who eagerly seek top-tier care.

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