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How we helped Ben scale from $42,000 per month to
$175,000 per month while working a fraction of the hours.

To the right, is Ben - Founder of Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance.

Early on in his career, Ben noticed several other fellow new-grad physical therapists on the Doctors of Physical Therapy website not knowing what to do about the level of therapy they’re able to provide.

…more specifically, the lack of quality care they were able to provide.

The realization that not all patients get to receive the high-quality, one-on-one time physical therapists initially envisioned was an unwelcome surprise. This is where a significant disconnect really surfaced. The difference between the assumed nature of being a physical therapist vs the actual day-to-day.

Many want to help at a higher-level than traditional therapy practices allow.

Luckily, Ben found the cash-based physical therapy model early on in his career.

Even more lucky – we found Ben.

Together, we were able to analyze his practice’s current situation and develop a systematic approach to scaling his business.

… we achieved some astonishing results.

Per Month
$ 0
Tripled his patients
0 +

Achievements that:

  • Tripled his patient base – scaling from 250 patients to a whopping 750 patients.
  • Tripled his monthly revenue. Sailing from $42,000 per month, all the way to $175,000. Per. Month.
  • Shifted the time and effort spent into a hyper-optimized systematic approach. Giving him the work – life balance he hadn’t seen in years.

All without:

  • Increasing his hours and workload (at the time, he had no more hours to give).
  • Inflating his revenue to see razor-thin profit margins.
  • Most importantly, not having to sacrifice the high-quality care he (and you, too!) was most passionate about initially delivering as a doctor of physical therapy.

Acquiring 1 to 2 new high-quality patients per day doesn’t have to be difficult

When the right strategies are in place, it’s actually more hands off than our clients initially imagined. Some of them even started traveling across the globe as their business became self-sufficient!

After clicking the button above. You’ll be directed to one of our founders’ personal calendars. From there, you’ll book a time that works best for your schedule to hop on a quick 15-20 minute discovery call. It’s a free, no-commitment call where we’ll get to meet one of the founders of Clinical Marketers and see how we can help.

Case Studies

Just like these physical therapists - you too can
scale your practice to 10k+ a month within 90 days.

Dr. Paul Kochoa

Practice Owner
Dr. Paul's revenue increased significantly, reaching $12,000 in that month.
Revenue Monthly
$ 0
patients in that month
0 +

Christian Busch & Ryan Barragree

Practice Owners
They highly recommended the Clinical Marketer program to others.
Last couple of months
$ 0
possibility of reaching
$ 0

Dr. Norah Whitten

Practice Owner
Continuing to grow and looking forward to further scaling
Monthly Revenue Increase
$ 0
Total Revenue
$ 0

Dr. Emily Murray

Practice Owners
She need to hire additional staff as her clinic had reached full capacity.
Monthly Revenue
$ 0
Percentage Growth
0 %

Dr. Frank Allen

Practice Owner
By January, he achieved over 22K in monthly revenue.
Monthly Revenue
$ 0
Percentage Growth
0 %

Dr. Danielle Temmen

Practice Owners
Danielle's experience with the program has been highly positive.
over three months
$ 0
patients per week
0 +

Dr. Chris Ellis

Practice Owner
First two weeks of using the program, he had already recouped his investment.
Organic Traffic
+ 0 %
Online Leads
+ 0 %

Who we helped

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More cash practice triumphs we’ve helped with:

“130k in school debt paid off in full within 2 years. The only reason I was able to do that was with cash-based PT”
Ben Bagge,
Founder of Pro+Kinetix Physical Therapy & Performance
“Since working with Clinical Marketer I just had my biggest month at 22k”
Emily Murray,
Founder of Pillar Physiotherapy
“In 2 months, we’ve spent about 2k on ads and it’s estimated to bring in about $13,000 in total revenue”
Ryan O'Donnell,
PT Marketing director
“We’ve found that it has increased the number of our patients in a very short amount of time”
Bart Mcdonald,
Superior Physical Therapy
“Last month in April I cleared 12k in revenue and 68 patients!”
Paul Kochoa,
Owner of Par 5 Physical Therapy
“Would 10 out of 10 recommend Clinical Marketer to anyone who's looking to increase their influx of patients.”
Blake Hunddleston,
Owner of Volunteer Physical Therapy and Performance

Work with us one-on-one until you see 10k+ a month results in your practice

We’ve incorporated a guarantee into our methodology that allows you to rest easy knowing you will see the desired results you deserve. if you don’t make an extra $30,000 using our Accelerated Cash Practice Method in the next 90 days or less – we’ll continue working with you (1-on-1) 100% for free until you do.

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